What are the advantages and disadvantages of PP and PC bottles?


1, PC and PP can be used for food grade plastic, a lot […]

1, PC and PP can be used for food grade plastic, a lot of people have said PP is the only food grade, this is a conceptual problem, food grade refers to the relevant certification, such as in the United States is FDA, other EU and Japan also have certification, but the applicability of FDA most widely, so from this point cannot prove that PP is more healthy, have a lot of their products;
2, The damage of PC is derived from BPA, bisphenol A, this problem is already known, the harm of bisphenol A not so legendary animal experiments have been done also prove that the harm is not necessary for the development period, so alarmist, pregnant and infant groups due attention, because exposure to BPA A isn't this kind of occasion, in addition to animal experiments with great dose, PC plastic trace bisphenol A in human body we also carry to;
3, PP is not absolutely safe. The suspicious PP is much more dangerous than the PC of the formal channel. Many PP plastic products are recycled materials, and the hardest hit areas are straw and disposable products. In addition, PP will also use catalysts in the production process, usually containing titanium and aluminum.
4, PC has excellent performance. It is a kind of important engineering plastics. It has good tolerance to temperature. There is no problem of not holding hot water. The performance of PP is general, but there is nothing wrong with hot water.
5, Ceramic and glass than plastic safety, which is also based on reliable sources, some porcelain or enamel is containing heavy metals, and will not pass because the firing process of precipitation, this one is not plastic good, but that any material are inadequate, can not be generalized, so is PC and PP.