The application of aluminum cover for the cover of perfume bottle


Aluminum bottle covers are covered with external packag […]

Aluminum bottle covers are covered with external packaging for health products, medicines, food, cosmetics, toys and electronic goods.
The aluminum cover is applied to mineral water bottles, not only with its common mineral water planning, but also through the streamlined valve control, which minimized the risk of beverage overflow. Whether 0.5 liters or 1 liters of mineral water can be opened or tightened with one hand, the two tier plan of aluminum cover also ensures the purity and cleanliness of drinks. It is also well sealed on the cover of a perfume bottle.
1, The aluminum cover is made of high quality aluminum products. It is clean, rusty and open. It doesn't need auxiliary tools. After opening, the bottle cap is destructive, and it can be avoided effectively.
2, With excellent cushioning, anti-seismic, heat insulation, moisture-proof, chemical corrosion resistance, and non-toxic, no water absorption, no dust, peeling, desquamation, increased, sealing function is very good.
3, Can be able to do stainless steel balls in high temperature, water boiling, alcohol resistance, etc. according to customer needs. Picture planning can choose colorful printing, convex and milling characters.
4, The production process is made by special glue pad materials and leading, the bottle has good tightness, cover with larger plane appearance, to print all kinds of pictures, text symbol bottle more beautiful, but also make your goods more sense of value.