Some advice on cosmetic packaging


   The cosmetics industry is mainly aimed at the female […]

   The cosmetics industry is mainly aimed at the female group, has been its packaging pay attention to fine, high-end, luxury, relative to other industries, the cosmetic packaging process is more complex, whether it is material, style, function are quite pay attention, but at the same time Also brought no small problem.
   Cosmetic packaging is divided into two layers of packaging, that is, common bottles, hoses and external packaging, their work is very fine, which is other industries can not be compared. Such as beverages, pharmaceuticals are also the same plastic material, but the appearance and cosmetic packaging can not be the same day. But whether it is packaging or bottles, many consumers are abandoned after use, but because of the difficult recovery of cosmetic bottles, a great cause of waste and environmental pollution. It is therefore recommended to improve from two aspects:
   One: cosmetic bottles
   Why is the cosmetic bottle to be discarded? Like ceramics, glass can be used as a collection or containers, and some plastic bottles can be tailored to their own style. In addition, the cosmetic bottle has been difficult to recover due to material problems, it is recommended to use PET this is conducive to recycling materials.
   Two: packing box
   Outer packaging is relatively less impact is not so big, it is recommended to use paper box, it can be recycled through the garbage recycling, and paper is relatively green.
Cosmetics packaging products are often used to be abandoned after it is a pity, so to find ways to make the best use, recycling from its affordable appearance and complex technology.