Quartz sand iron content of glass bottles have what effect


Quartz sand iron content of the glass is particularly i […]

Quartz sand iron content of the glass is particularly important, quartz sand iron content standards: F203 "0.08,0.07,0.05,0.035,0.02 >> The first, 80PPM (80 mesh) The second 70PPM (70 mesh) iron The lower the content, the better the brightness of the glass bottle
 Iron oxides are often included in glass starting materials. It has an adverse effect on the production of glass. In particular, glassware products, such as Ming materials, such as with the iron content in the material exceeds the requirements of the transparency of the glass will decline, the glass will be painted yellow-green. Glass batch of quartz sand is not only high iron content, but also the largest amount, so when the glass products have higher requirements, in addition to the purchase of smaller iron content of quartz sand, if necessary, should also deal with the ingredients for iron . In the process of compounding, some foreign iron impurities may be mixed in, for example, the iron mixed with equipment wear, the iron of equipment, the nails, the screws and the like falling into the compound, the iron improperly handled by the broken glass and the like. Therefore, in the artificial compound, it is best to install some of the sieve on the permanent magnet or electromagnet, in order to mix the iron in the mixing process, this measure in the production played a better role in iron removal, improve the glass products Transparency.