How to judge a qualified cosmetic bottle


1. Identification of license identification. Imported c […]

1. Identification of license identification. Imported cosmetic bottles must be marked with the “Why makeup word” or “Why makeup preparation word” number of the Ministry of Health. In addition, the imported cosmetics bottles must also have "three certificates", namely "certificate of quarantine of imported goods", "certification certificate for import and export of cosmetics labels," "CIQ mark of cosmetics inspection and quarantine." In particular, the “Cosmetic Inspection and Quarantine CIQ logo” has a set of computer code numbers after each CIQ logo. After the CIQ logo on the genuine product packaging box is torn off, the computer code number will be automatically attached to the outer box of the product. Consignments and parallel imports may not have the CIQ logo, but CI-affixed fakes have two situations:
(1) It cannot be torn off completely from the packaging box;
(2) After the fake CIQ is torn off, the number is on the back of the torn off wafer, not on the merchandise.

2.From the appearance point of view, unqualified or counterfeit cosmetics bottles tend to be rough, with obvious scars and streaks. The cosmetic bottle caps are not tightly attached to the cosmetic bottle body, and there is leakage. The printing quality of cosmetic bottles is not as clear as the genuine products, and the color registration is not correct. Some product structures are not delicate enough, and the colors are uneven; some are granular and have spots of impurities; others are inflated, moldy, rancid, and odorous; some have dry shrinkage and separation of oil and water.