Glass box container effect


Today, glass bottles in our daily life has an irreplace […]

Today, glass bottles in our daily life has an irreplaceable role, widely used in every corner.
Compared with plastic bottles, aluminum bottles, paper and other packaging materials, glass containers because of its transparency, aesthetics, chemical stability, high temperature, etc., has been the packaging industry as the best packaging containers, therefore, was Widely used as a beverage, pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics in some industries.
From the international market point of view, bottle glass products as food, beverage, medicine, cosmetic, culture, education, scientific research and other industries and departments supporting the use of bottles, a large range, the amount of wide, is an indispensable packaging container. However, there is a big gap between our consumption per capita and the international bottle volume. Even if the total output reached 13.2 million tons by 2010, there is a certain distance from the international consumption level. Therefore, the glass jar products have great prospects for development, followed by the development of daily glass machinery industry.

The main features of glass packaging containers are: non-toxic, tasteless; transparent, beautiful, good barrier, airtight, rich in raw materials, low prices, and can be used multiple times. And has heat, pressure, wash-resistant advantages, both high-temperature sterilization, but also cryogenic storage. Therefore, glass bottles in beer, tea and other drinks as the preferred packaging materials.