Cosmetics glass bottles


   Glass bottles for the traditional packaging products […]

   Glass bottles for the traditional packaging products, which are characterized by: bright and transparent, good chemical stability, airtight, easy to shape, but the weight is large, easy to break. Glass packaging containers of 80% -90% of glass bottles, cans. Usually the density of soda lime glass bottle is 2.5-2.6g / cm3, brittle, low thermal conductivity. The use of metal ion colorants can be made into green, dark green, light blue, amber glass.
   Advantages of glass packaging containers:
(1) good chemical stability, non-toxic and tasteless, hygienic clean, no adverse effects on the packaging;
(2) good barrier, can provide a good shelf life conditions;
(3) transparency is good, the contents are clearly visible;
(4) good rigidity, not easy to deformation;
(5) forming processability, and can be processed into a variety of shapes;
(6) good temperature tolerance, high temperature sterilization, but also low temperature storage;
(7) rich in raw materials, recyclable use, no pollution to the environment.