Cologne use method


1. spray in the place where you can feel your pulse cle […]

1. spray in the place where you can feel your pulse clearly
These parts have the most fever in all parts of the body. The amount of heat that gives the scent of perfume lasts for a whole day. If only perfume is sprayed on the clothes, the scent may not last long. It's a good choice to spray on the inside of the wrist. There are also many men who like to spray behind their ears. You can also spray your chest and make your shirt smell. When you want to hug someone, you can bring it to him or her. It's better to spray the one or two places. Don't be sprayed everywhere; otherwise you smell so strong, will let the people around you can't stand. Choose a few sprays, and spray a little lighter.
2. smear a little
If you don't have a nozzle, you can use a smear method. Use your fingers to block the bottle, tilt the bottle, and then put the bottle straight again and put it down. Place the remaining Cologne on your finger and apply it to the place you want to paint. Just apply it lightly. Don't repeat it. Wash your hands quickly after the painting is finished, otherwise you will smell the Cologne after the places you have touched. Don't mix Cologne with water, deodorant or deodorant. The smell of these things can sometimes be hot and cold, and if you mix them up, you'll smell as good as the perfume counters at the Department store.
3. Cologne Spray at the right time
It's not necessary to Spray Cologne in the workplace, but it's acceptable. Attending major occasions, such as weddings, funerals, lying on the floor, or going to the city in the evening, usually sprays cologne. A lot of people like to spray a cologne at work during the day, and go out and play with a different kind of cologne. It is recommended in the afternoon and the jet has Citrus Cologne, and in the evening of Luzhou flavor base flavor or spray musk cologne. Some people are allergic to cologne. Be careful when you work in an office or stay indoors.