Application to avoid the acrylic bottle heat


   Those who know very well about the material properti […]

   Those who know very well about the material properties of acrylic bottles should know that when using this type of bottle, it is necessary to avoid not only scratching the surface of the bottle with sharp objects, but also to avoid contact with some of the solvent that will cause corrosion, In the application of income.
   Which requires everyone to use the acrylic bottle, pay attention to avoid their own heat, mainly because of this bottle used acrylic resin material, with heating to 100 ℃ after the deformation of the nature, that is, if this contact with the Higher temperatures, especially when the temperature of the contact reaches 100 ° C or more, is necessarily deformed and causes the structure of the bottle to change. So in order to ensure that the bottle decoupling shares stable, can always be used normally, it is required in the application, do not put the bottle in high temperature environment, and try to ensure that the ambient temperature below 80 ℃, but also in use to avoid bottle contact In the construction works of welding Mars, cigarette butts, or by the lights, especially when shooting photos or video when the spotlight, the high temperature of these objects may lead to deformation of the acrylic bottle.
   In order to protect the acrylic bottle, we must as mentioned above, pay attention to the application to avoid the bottle heat.