Aluminum bottle is the best container for essential oil cosmetics


Essential oils are cosmetics that many women like very […]

Essential oils are cosmetics that many women like very much. They are the essences of various herbal extracts, such as essential oils and lavender essential oils. They not only refresh and make the house more scent, but also help the beauty, but they don’t know that the essential oil is for the bottle. There are strict conditions.

We know that cosmetics bottles are divided into many kinds of materials. The characteristics of each material are different. Every drop of essential oil cosmetics is the essence and rich in active ingredients. According to reports, this active ingredient is within 40-60 days after opening. Will disappear, and the use of the effect after Kaifeng is also getting lower and lower. Therefore, how to seal and store is the most important factor in the bottle.

The essential oil cosmetics on the market are not difficult to find. They are usually made of glass. The glass sealing and transparency are good. However, the best material for it should be aluminum cosmetic bottle. Glass cosmetic packaging bottles are not as good as aluminum bottles in transportation or sealing, and leakage of essential oil products is a common thing.

However, why is the latter not used by people?

The main reason is because the cost of aluminum bottles is higher and the manufacturing process is more complicated. In fact, glass bottles are fragile, difficult to recycle and environmentally friendly. Aluminum bottles can completely avoid the special requirements of essential oil cosmetics. It is the best container for essential oil cosmetics.At present, according to statistics, 5% of the manufacturers are using aluminum essential oil bottles. We expect the promotion of technology but the cost of aluminum bottles will be even lower.