Acrylic bottles: both plastic and glass advantages


    Acrylic bottles, the original acrylic packaging mat […]

    Acrylic bottles, the original acrylic packaging materials commonly known as PMMA, cosmetics bottles in the field of packaging, acrylic bottles are widely used in high-grade cream, lotion and other cosmetic packaging, welcomed by the market.
    Acrylic bottles have both the characteristics of plastic: drop, light, easy to color, easy processing, the cost of acrylic bottles low, but also has a beautiful appearance of glass bottles, texture, high-grade. That is to say it allows cosmetics manufacturers to use the cost of plastic bottles to obtain the appearance of glass bottles, but also both resistance to fall, conducive to transport and so on. At present, the domestic acrylic cosmetics bottle manufacturers more concentrated place is the acrylic cream bottle Zhejiang Shangyu, where the manufacturers in the country is also the first batch began to engage in acrylic packaging production, the products are exported to Europe and the United States cosmetics bottle packaging market.
    Although the acrylic bottle in the cosmetics market has been a great success, but in the food, medicine and other packaging areas have not been widely used, it is worth the acrylic bottle manufacturers to explore and explore a field.